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A Salute To Arena Rock

Girls Girls Girls A Tribute to Motley Crew

The cure to cover-band fatigue!

Welcome to “Anthem - A Salute to Arena Rock”. Anthem is the unparalleled, classic hard-rock show of the Upper Midwest. Based in Twin Cities, Anthem is not your every-day, run-of-the-mill cover band. They produce an authentic, bigger-than-life rock and roll experience. Using the right combination of experienced players, massive sound and raw energy, Anthem truly delivers. From their soaring vocal-harmonies to well-placed guitars and keys licks, audiences everywhere are captivated from the first note. If you long to hear faithful, live reproductions of rock legends such as Led Zeppelin, Journey, Van Halen, AC/DC, Guns and Roses, Def Leppard, Rush and Foreigner (among others), Anthem is your band.

Anthem is the brain-child of front-man and founder, Keith Anthony. With years of experience in the business world as well as fronting numerous local acts, Anthony set-out with laser like focus to build a band around one simple concept: to accurately reproduce the music of his generation. And with this, one simple requirement: It had to ROCK! His answer to the challenge is: Anthem - A Salute to Arena Rock.

After countless months of rehearsals and years preparation, the vision for Anthem has been realized. Each member’s passion is brought to bear for the music they love. For each show, Anthem reignites the fire of long-time rock fans and manages to show new listeners the value of this powerful, classic hard-rock genre. Anthem puts on every performance with a great attitude combined with great equipment, and of course, the best music of their generation. So, if you’ve got a fever for high quality, hard-hitting rock and roll; the cure is Anthem. The cure to cover-band fatigue!

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