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The Real Voices of Rock

3 World Class Vocalist Together for One Night!

The Real Voices OF Roak

John Cafferty, Alex Ligertwood – the lead singer for SANTANA for 16 years and Derek St Holmes – the lead singer for Ted Nugent for over 30 years!

Each of them perform a 40 minute set of hits from the records they sang on and you still hear today on the radio! If you like Classic Rock you will know every song in this dynamic show of hits! The audience will leave amazed at what they just witnessed.

They have performed In front of millions with John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, Santana and Ted Nugent over the years. Be the next to see them up close and in concert with The Real Voices of Rock! Example of some of what you will hear during our show: John Cafferty: The Darkside, Tender Years, C.I.T.Y., Tough All Over. Alex Ligertwood: Black Magic Woman, Oye Como Va, Winning, Hold On, All I Ever Wanted. Derek St. Holmes: Stranglehold, Cat Scratch Fever, Hey Baby, Free For All, Stormtrooper.


The legendary "East Coast Rock'n'Roll" group John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band began their career in 1972 and achieved mainstream success in the 1980s with the "Eddie & The Cruisers - Motion Picture Soundtrack". The hit single “On The Dark Side” held the #1 position on the Billboard Rock charts and the MTV video charts for “five” consecutive weeks. The album sold over 3 million copies and was certified triple Platinum by the RIAA.

John Cafferty

John  Cafferty

The title track from the group’s 1985 follow-up album “Tough All Over” became their second #1 single on the Billboard Rock charts and the song “C-I-T-Y” reached the Billboard Top 20. John Cafferty’s solo track “Hearts on Fire" was featured in the Sylvester Stallone film "Rocky IV” and he received his second 2 million double Platinum soundtrack award. Over the years John has placed 35 songs in major motion pictures.


Michael Antunes

Michael Tunes Antunes, is an American musician and actor best known as the saxophone player for John Cafferty. Michael Antunes began his professional career in 1960 then he became a member of John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band. The band developed a reputation for themselves as a live act around New England, especially in their home state of Rhode Island throughout the 1970s. His soulful, from the heart solos are second to none. Tunes was in the movie Eddie and the Cruisers. He still performs live with John Cafferty on a regular basis.


It all began in 1974 when St. Holmes’ band Scott opened a gig for Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes. Nugent was making a name for himself around the midwestern portion of the United States, but thus far had been unable to take his music to the next level. After seeing, and hearing, the young St. Holmes on stage, he knew what was missing and invited Derek to join his band. Derek brought a strong set of pipes, solid musicianship and songwriting skills to Nugent’s music, and in March of 1975 the world was introduced to him via Nugent’s self-titled debut album. While it was Nugent slinging down the guitar licks, it was Derek’s voice all over FM radio singing the soon to be classics “Stranglehold,” “Stormtroopin” and “Just What the Doctor Ordered.” In addition, Derek wrote, arranged and sang the classic tune “Hey Baby.” Derek quickly became regarded as one of the best voices on the international rock scene, all at the tender age of 22 years old. Nugent and St. Holmes continued their winning combination for three more iconic albums, Free for All in 1976, Cat Scratch Fever in 1977 and Double Live Gonzo in 1978.. Derek also continued his on again/off again relationship with Nugent in both the 1980s, and ‘90s, co-writing several songs on Ted’s comeback album Spirit of Wild in 1996.

Derek St. Holmes

Derek St. Holmes and Ted Nugent

After years of Nugent fans begging Ted for Derek’s return, St. Holmes was invited by the Motor City Madman in 2011 to once again take his place on the Nugent stage. Derek appeared on Nugent’s 2014 album ShutUp&Jam, singing. Derek continues to be Nugent’s lead singer on many tours.


Alex Ligertwood is recognized literally the world over as the lead vocalist of Santana. For over 16 years with Carlos Santana, Alex provided his unique sound and interpretation on 12 albums. He earned Gold Records on four of those Santana efforts, and scored Top 40 hits with six albums and/or singles.

Alex shares Santana’s soulful R & B style, which is clearly evident on the Santana hits “Winning” (Zebop), “All I Ever Wanted” (Marathon), and “Hold On” (Shango). His live rendition of the classics like “Black Magic Woman” and “Oye Como Va” scored Gold with Santana’s “Sacred Fire: Live In Latin America Album.”

Carlos Santana and Alex Ligertwwod

In the late seventies, Alex served as vocalist/guitarist and co-writer with the Narada Michael Walden Band and the David Sancious & Tone Band before joining Santana in 1979. Alex brings a vocal intensity that feeds the volcanic playing of Carlos Santana. He has recorded and co-written numerous albums for Santana, including: “Marathon”, “Zebop!”, “Beyond Appearances”, “Viva Santana”, “Shango”, “Spirits Dancing in the Flesh”, “Milagro”, and “Sacred Fire”.

ALex Ligertwood

Alex provided his unique sound and interpretation on 12 albums. He earned Gold Records on four of those Santana efforts, and scored Top 40 hits with six albums and/or singles.


“The Real Voices of Rock” Band Leader, Mark Allen Reuter!

Mark Allen Reuter

Mark has spent over 30 years as a bandleader, guitarist and vocalist for the core band of this project. The core-backing band boasts three excellent singers providing soaring harmony stacks for the national artists they are backing.

Mark Allen Reuter

Mark has been close friends with all three of these world-class vocalists for many years and has played countless shows with each one of them. These relationships that they all share and the live performance experience they all have together make this an amazing show!

Mark Allen Reuter

Mark has recorded at Paisley Park studios in Chanhassen Minnesota and toured the United States and Puerto Rico with his band.

He brings excellence, professionalism and years of experience to this project. When you hear the band you’ll have no doubt, Mark is a true leader in the music industry!

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